Christian Formation - Religious Education for the Youth of Our Parish Children grades K - 12

Our goal at St. Alexander and St. James in Evangelization and Catechesis: To create opportunities in a parish and family atmosphere of learning about Faith on all levels. From Kindergarten to senior adults, we want to give everyone the opportunity to grow and learn. Religious Education is very essential to the life of every person. At home, we begin forming our faith at a young age and to allow that burning faith to increase as we are growing older.

Our Religious Education program is an opportunity for our children to love and learn more about our Catholic Faith in a deeper way, familiarizing and learning about our prayers, the Sacraments, Values, the Bible and more. Our Catechists are doing their best to help and teach our children how they can continue living and loving their Faith. For more information, please call the Parish Office at 518-561-5039 or email