Magdala Solitude Cemetery

  Every year we have been celebrating Memorial Day Mass in our beautiful cemetery.  This year because of the virus we are unable to do so.  Our St. Alexander's Cemetery, Magdala Solitude, is considered by many as one of the most beautiful in the North Country.  We are rightfully proud of the care and respect that is given to this holy ground and your loved ones you rest here.  We are so grateful to Msgr. Gobet for planning such a gem for our loved ones.

  Thank you for keeping this consecrated ground beautiful.  One of the most important ways this happens is everyone to follow the cemetery rules which have been in place for years.  We are grateful to all of you who work at this.  Sometimes mistakes may occur, and we are sorry for any hurt we may have caused.

  As always , if you have concerns, please bring them to us in person.  May God Bless Us!

  Father Scott and the Magdala Solitude Caregivers.


  • AGUNDEZ0563Posted on 1/04/21

    Thank you!!1

  • Carol M RockPosted on 8/21/20

    i'm just wondering what the thought process is behind your rule that a wreath can be placed on a headstone for only 4 weeks out of the whole year? My husband's mother is buried here and we like to honor her on all special occasions. My relatives are buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Mooers and we place wreaths for Easter, Summer, Fall, Birthdays and Christmas/Winter to honor them all year round. Last spring we placed a new wreath ($30+) for Memorial Day and it was taken within a week. We never have anything on the ground that will hinder mowing or trimming. Please consider changing the rules so that we may honor our loved ones throughout the year.

  • Tammy RussellPosted on 5/25/20

    Can you please explain why items were removed from my parents’ gravestone? There was an item that actually sat on the base of the stone. It was not on the ground. It wasn’t in the way for caretakers to mow the grass around the headstone. This is very disturbing to think that this plot of property has been paid for by my parents and we were abiding by the rules of the cemetery, (the item was not on the ground). Does anyone have any right to remove property that doesn’t belong to them? This breaks the commandment - Thou shall not steal. This item was a solar powered light that showed a set of praying hands inside a cylinder. If the church and it’s clergy feel they have the right to take property that doesn’t belong to them and disposing of it, I really question your beliefs and representation of the Catholic religion.