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Love can make us saints

Aug 14, 2017

     It is very Catholic to admire the saints and imagine that they had characteristics of holiness that we don't.  Yet many people who became saints didn't perform great deeds but had great love of God and neighbor.  If they can do it, we can, too.

     St. Augustine was a playboy.  He was into partying, paganism, and an immoral lifestyle.  Through the prayers of his mother and the guidance of St. Ambrose, Augustine came to adore the God he discovered in Scripture.  His love for God made him a new man.

     St. Mary of Egypt lived a life of extreme sin.  Openly a prostitute, it is reported that she traveled to the Holy Land to ply her illicit trade to pilgrims.  Instead, she had a spiritual experience while trying to enter a church and devoted the rest of her life to prayer and penance.  She had a special love for Our Blessed Mother.

     St.  Ignatius of Loyola dreamed of courtly love and knightly deeds.  Injured during battle with the French, he was forced to convalesce to heal his shattered leg.  While recuperating, he read the only books available - biographies of Jesus and the saints.  Captivated by their holiness Ignatius became attracted to a life of holy love.  He later founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a religious order that thrives today.


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