From Scripture


     In their first meeting with Jesus, the Pharisees attempted to trap him into publicly contradicting Jewish law by sending a slick lawyer to "engage" him.  Then Jesus could be arrested and silenced.  The lawyer they sent knew that generations of Jews had debated fruitlessly about which law was the most important.  Pretending to seek Jesus' opinion, he asked him to choose which of the 613 commandments of the Jewish law was the most important.

     Jesus silenced them by saying that everything starts and ends with love - love of God and love of others.  To love God is to love one another.  Love is at the heart of all the other laws.

     Even the Pharisees couldn't argue with that.  While it is easy to love God, loving others is more difficult.  It means including those our natural inclination says to exclude or avoid.  Jesus loved prostitutes, thieves, lepers, even his political enemies.  True love of neighbor is measured by how we treat the poor, the vulnerable and our enemies.  This is how God loves and he calls us to the same.



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