Feast & Celebrations

Nov. 1 - All Saints Day - a Holy Day of Obligation.  In the early Church, there was a desire to celebrate saints and martyrs by assigning each a feast day.  However, the Christian persecutions were so horrible that there weren't enough days in the calendar for individual commemorations.  Pope Gregory IV designated Nov. 1 as All Saints Day. 

Nov. 14 - St. Lawrence O'Toole (1180).  St. Lawrence was born in County Kildare, Ireland.  When he was twelve, he was dedicated to God's service.  St. Lawrence became Dublin's second archbishop and a papal legate.  He was canonized in 1225.

Nov. 16 - St. Margaret of Scotland (1093).  Queen Margaret of Scotland was dedicated to caring for the poor.  She washed beggars' feet and gave them alms.  She fed orphans and destitute adults before eating her own meals.

Nov. 26 - Solemnity of Christ the King.  God promised his people a king who would triumph over their enemies.  Jesus is our King.  In Baptism and Confirmation, we are brought under his kingship.


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