Feast & Celebrations

  1. Oct. 23 - St. John of Capistrano (1456).  Born in Capistrano, Italy in 1386, St. John studied law at Perugia.  He resigned his post as governor to join the Franciscans in 1416.  Renowned for his preaching, he was asked to lead the crusade that successfully recaptured Constantinople from the Ottomans and saved Christendom.
  2. Oct. 28 - Saints Simon and Jude (1st Century).  St. Simon was a Zealot - a Jew who believed that the Messiah would free them from political oppression.  St. Jude was a fisherman.  After being called by Jesus to be Apostles, they eventually traveled to Persia where they preached the Gospel until they were martyred.
  3. Oct. 30 - St. Alphonsus Rodriguez (1617).  Following the tragic losses of his children and wife, St. Alphonsus entered the Jesuit order as a lay brother and worked as a hall porter at a college on the island of Majorca.  Known for holiness and wisdom, many students and civil authorities came to him for advice, including the young St. Peter Claver.


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