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Faith Formation Office

Posted by Angel Aquila on 8/28/17

     THANK YOU everyone who had a hand in this year's Vacation Bible School"  our teachers, teaching assistants, teen helpers, support staff, kitchen staff, THE PARTICIPANTS, and most importantly the parishioners of our parishes!  Without every single one of you coming together as a team, the SUCCESSFUL REALITY ... Read More »

Message From Father Scott

Posted by Angel Aquila on 8/17/17

THE SISTERS OF THE CROSS OF CHAVANOD The Sisters will complete the visa process in India by August 23.  They will leave India August 28 arriving in Syracuse August 29.  They will spend several days at the Watertown convent.  The tree Sisters, who will live in Cadyville, will arrive ... Read More »


Posted by Angel Aquila on 8/17/17

When are the Pie Raffles at St. Alexander's?  The Catholic Daughters have a pie for you the 2nd and 4th weekends of the month!

One Minute Meditations

Posted by Angel Aquila on 8/16/17

Be meek, not weak.

     Meekness can be mistaken for weakness, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Being "meek of heart" means being in control of your emotions rather than letting them control you.  Today, pray for the courage to be meek of heart.

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Questions & Answers

Posted by Angel Aquila on 8/15/17

How can Sacred Scripture be "truth" if not everything is correct? The Bible is intended to convey truths about God.  More than a book, it is a library of documents written by different authors in different times and places.  These works have been compiled by the Church under the ... Read More »

Love can make us saints

Posted by Angel Aquila on 8/14/17

     It is very Catholic to admire the saints and imagine that they had characteristics of holiness that we don't.  Yet many people who became saints didn't perform great deeds but had great love of God and neighbor.  If they can do it, we can, too.

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From Scripture

Posted by Angel Aquila on 8/10/17

Matthew 16:13-20, The Rock for ages   The events in this passage lay the foundations for the Catholic Church.  In it, Jesus asked his disciples who people said he was.  Then he asked them, "Who do you say that I am?"  It was a question about Jesus' identity, not ... Read More »

St. Rose of Lima

Posted by Angel Aquila on 8/09/17

     Born in colonial Peru, Rose worked constantly to help her poverty-stricken family.  From early on, she wanted to become a nun and practiced heavy penances.  When her parents tried to make her marry, she marred her face with pepper and cut her hair to deter suitors.  She ... Read More »

Why Do Catholics Do That?

Posted by Angel Aquila on 8/08/17

What is Transubstantiation?      During Mass, although the appearance doesn't change, the substance of the bread offered by the priest is changed into the substance of the Body of Christ.  The same is true of the wine - its substance is changed into Christ's Blood.      Catholics ... Read More »